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Project L2754_BPR component

BPR component: Analysis of business process and Restructuring SAWACO, under contract GD5 – Information and Communication Technology;

Project: Reduce water loss; strengthen and expand the water supply network and strengthen institutions for Saigon Water Supply Corporation in the 2011-2015 period

Client: ADB Project Management Unit L2754-VIE – Saigon Water Corporation

Capital source: ABD

Duration: 5/2017 – 12/2020

Work done:

Meeting with SAWACO’s leadership to analyze the scope and objectives of the new Process Diagram.
Comparative analysis of operating and management processes: Evaluation of how processes are actually performed and how they impact business operations. Determine which KPI is being used. Risk analysis. This analysis will be performed based on process and operational audits. Research advanced processes / technology / companies / advanced models.
New Process Diagram Proposal: The new Process Diagram should describe the actual scope of the O&M Management System. This new diagram will include all O&M processes and related processes, as well as interfaces to the rest of the SAWACO Management Process.
Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Each process can include KPIs to measure and evaluate performance. Based on the new Process Diagram, the Balanced Scorecard for the O&M Process will be developed to track all activities and control all Operational and Business aspects.
Implementation of Business Process and Training: Training for all employees to familiarize themselves with the new Process and the changes that may affect them. train key personnel in the O&M Process.