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I – Consulting

  1. Research and project design;
  2. Technical support for project implementation: project management, monitoring and evaluation, technical support;
  3. Research and propose institutions and policies, evaluate institutions and policies;
  4. Capacity building training and technology transfer;
  5. Brand consultation, business image building;

II – Applied Research

Applied research in various fields

  1. Sustainable development;
  2. Clean energy, renewable energy;
  3. Eco-cultural tourism;
  4. Agriculture-forestry-fishery;
  5. Circular economy;

III – Technology transfer support

Assess the current situation, propose mechanisms and policies for technology transfer and innovation in the following areas:

  1. Clean energy, renewable energy;
  2. Digital transformation in sustainable tourism development;
  3. Adapting to climate change and reducing disaster risks;
  4. Agriculture – forestry – fishery;
  5. Circular economy;