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Project L2754_CMS Component

CMS component: Customer management system, under GD5 contract – Information and Communication Technology; Project on Water Loss Reduction; strengthen and expand the water supply network and strengthen institutions for Saigon Water Supply Corporation in the 2011-2015 period

Client: Saigon Water Supply Corporation

Funding: Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Duration 11/2017 – 12/2019

Project summary:

Advice on customer service management process:
– Identify the workflows performed in the customer center
– Design, media for customer care activities
– Designing CMS tools to manage workflow

Identify processes related to human resources in customer centers:
– Determining selection criteria and recruitment processes
– Determine the form of sale and purchase, the policies on manpower applied
– Define employee training plans in the customer center
– Define internal communication plan for customer center staff.

Determine the quality plan for the services provided:
– Internal quality management plan
– Quality plan provided (quality monitoring …)

Photo from the project office