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Project L2754_NOC component

NOC Component: Public image brand and social agenda related to the network operation center, under the contract GD5 – Information and Communication Technology; Project on Water Loss Reduction; strengthen and expand the water supply network and strengthen institutions for Saigon Water Supply Corporation in the 2011-2015 period.

Client: Saigon Water Supply Corporation

Capital source: Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Duration: 4/2017 – 6/2020

Project summary:

  • Review project documents, meetings, interviews, consumer feedback, market surveys, data analysis, media and branding assessment, planning and implementation. present detailed plan components according to the overall plan and allocate each phase of the approved project.
  • Collect qualitative information including meetings, group discussions, and in-depth interviews. Subjects interviewed include leaders, managers and employees. Parts: Communication, Customer Service, Payment, Human Resource Management, Training Management, R&D Management and PR Management …
  • Organize meetings with PR-related departments of SAWACO and its subsidiaries.
  • Meeting with SAWACO’s PR department and direct leaders in SAWACO’s PR field.
  • Build relationships with effective communication channels, important editors in the media market.
  • Effectively implement programs related to the construction of SAWACO’s new image, brand, internal communication and external communication.