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About Us

About PDDC

Established in 2017, Phuong Dong Development Consulting Joint Stock Company (PDDC) specializes in providing consulting services, technical support and training in various fields, including:

– Social and economic development;

– Regional development planning, urban development planning;

– Development of agriculture, forestry and rural areas;

– Development of urban and rural technical infrastructure;

– Environmental resources, disaster management and climate change;

– Institutions and policies on corporate governance;

– Economics, finance, corporate restructuring;

– Communication, brand building and promotion;

– Community development.


PDDC aims to become a leading consulting company in the field of providing consulting services and technical support for development projects in Vietnam and other countries in the region. Through consulting and advanced technology transfer activities in the fields of economy, society and environment, PDDC wishes to contribute to Vietnam’s Sustainable Development Strategy for the period of 2020 – 2030, with a vision until 2050.



PDDC builds and provides development solutions through consulting and technical support services, research activities, engineering design and technology transfer training, in order to meet different requirements of customers in a project. PDDC carries out community support activities through implementation projects and provides training and communication programs to effectively enhance community participation in economic, cultural and societal development activities of Vietnam and the surrounding region.

PDDC prioritizes focusing resources on consulting activities and building solutions for green urban development, clean energy development, environment protection planning, ecotourism development and adaptation to climate change. These activities aim to contribute to promoting the goals of sustainable growth in combination with the protection of natural resources, ecological environment of Vietnam and the surrounding region.


Core values ​​and Operation motto

PDDC has always been well aware of the importance of strategic goals that the company has been pursuing. On such basis, we identify specific short-, medium- and long-term development plans, gradually building and developing PDDC into a strong organization. One of the strategic goals that PDDC is determined to implement is to build a prestigious and sustainable brand image based on a commitment to an efficient, high quality and professional service for our clients and partners.


Target customers

PDDC identifies strategic areas and target clients including: Smart city development projects; green urban development; ecotourism planning and development project. Especially projects on environmental protection, disaster risk management and climate change adaptation using grants or loans from international development credit agencies/organizations, and other sources of funding, from the state budget and the private sector, domestic and international.


PDDC plans to closely cooperate with international and domestic consulting partners to provide effective technical solutions in the fields of operation. PDDC has a lot of practical experience and understanding of the economy, culture, society and environment in the region/locality of Vietnam.


PDDC always ensures to be a reliable partner of international and domestic investors who want to implement projects in Vietnam with experience, understanding of the law, institutions and the ability to provide quality human resources in fields that require in-depth expertise.


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