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Nguyen Thi Xuan Nuong – HR Management Specialist

Ms. Xuan Nuong obtained an Environmental Engineer degree from Van Lang Private University in 2006 and then received a bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City in 2010.

To pursue her career in human resources management and training that she loves, she decided to take some short-term training programs such as Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) held by Pace Institute of Management, Train-the-Trainer (ToT) and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Project Management Fundamentals by Institute of Financial Management and Information Technology in 2013.

Over the course of her employment, she has been in charge of key positions including HR manager and Training specialist cum HR manager for large companies and corporations. Regarding training, Ms. Xuan Nuong often takes responsibility for planning and managing training activities; establishing policies, procedures and implementing training courses; monitoring and evaluating all training activities of the company; developing training programs and ensuring training activities are in compliance with company policies. In terms of HR management, she often takes charge of establishing and monitoring HR strategies, plans and

policies; proposing and developing organization chart; creating and maintaining a system of job description for all departments and developing job titles; proposing and conducting talent acquisition programs; proposing and implementing salary scale, benefits and commendation for employees. These are the skills of hers highly appreciated at work.

With knowledge and professionally trained skills in addition to many soft skills acquired from her own practical experience, Ms. Xuan Nuong always ensures the outputs meeting deadline with the highest quality, especially deliverables consulting HR management, HR development policy and position development for both state-owned and private enterprises under training projects PDDC has performed recently.