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SAWACO’s New Business Process Improvement Workshop

Within the framework of Business Process Re-establishment (BPR) under the Water Loss Reduction Project; strengthen and expand the water supply network and strengthen institutions for Saigon Water Supply Corporation in the period of 2011-2015 (ADB Loan project 2754-VIE), August 2, 2018, at the Water Supply Corporation. Saigon (SAWACO), Orient Development Consulting Joint Stock Company in collaboration with main contractor PYRENALIA (Spain) organized a seminar on SAWACO’s New Business Process Improvement Proposal with his participation. Vo Quang Hien – Director of Project Management Unit of SAWACO and leaders of Departments / Divisions of SAWACO.

The main contents presented by BPR Consultants at the Workshop include:

Current business process of SAWACO: From the results of the research and evaluation of SAWACO’s current process, BPR consultants analyzed and modeled by diagrams of the operating processes of the Departments / Divisions, showing shortcomings in the current process of SAWACO are operating.
Proposing a new Business Process Diagram: From the Project Purpose, the BPR Advisory Group (Spanish and Vietnamese International Consultants), BPR Consultants has proposed a new assigned Process Diagram. supplement to SAWACO’s production, business, operation, maintenance, maintenance and development activities. This new process diagram has been proposed based on international experience and SAWACO situation, including the model that has been effectively applied by countries around the world, especially for water utility companies.
Key performance indicators (KPIs) for the Improved Processes: The BPR consultant proposed KPIs for each of the Improvement Processes of SAWACO and the Balanced Scorecard model (BSC) for these Processes.
Following the Consultant’s presentation, many of the representatives of the Departments / Committees exchanged views on the above issues, including:

The process diagram, the improved model of BPR Consulting are perfect, consistent with the development orientation of SAWACO. In addition, in order to improve the process effectively, not to disturb the production activities of SAWACO, the leaders of SAWACO’s Departments / Departments also noted that BPR Consulting should:
+ Proposing a roadmap to improve the processes.

+ Selecting some core processes associated with SAWACO’s activities to implement improvement.

+ Proposing and quantifying key KPIs to evaluate the performance of water supply enterprises for improvement processes, with reference to the objectives of the project and major water supply company in the world.

+ It should propose 5-7 key KPIs related to the development goals of the water sector and SAWACO, each of the main KPIs has a number of sub-KPIs.

At the end of the seminar, the representative of SAWACO’s leaders asked BPR Consulting to receive the comments at the Workshop and continue to study and supplement advanced models in the world to propose a proposed improvement plan. effective new business model, consistent with Vietnamese practices. Contribute to SAWACO’s service quality towards the international standard of water quality management (ISO).
Some photos at the workshop: